Artisan Products and Catering

Artisan Preserves and Products

I make delicious small-batch preserves, alcoholic infusions and chocolates featuring ingredients from Sussex hedgerows and woodland. Many of these Wild Feast products are made to my own unique recipes so you won’t find them anywhere else. My specialities include: wild mint chocolate truffles, wild garlic mustard, sloe & red onion marmalade, rowan berry jelly, blackberry vinegar, rose hip syrup and lime flower tea.

Depending on availability, you can buy my hand-made products direct from me by delivery or at events. Retail stockists are limited as I make small batches at present, Judges Bakery in Hastings supply some Wild Feast products.

Residents of the Hastings area can arrange collection, or I can deliver personally. Call me to find out what Wild Feast products are available on 07909 508156, or email me on or via the contact form.


Hampers and gift boxes

This special hamper is something very unusual you won’t find anywhere else.

Mini hampers and gift boxes start at £12.50 (not including postage).

Wild botanical infusions (sold at licensed events and premises)

Sloe port, wild plum vodka, raspberry & crab apple vodka liqueur, rose hip vodka liqueur, rose petal gin, bullace vodka liqueur, cherry plum vodka liqueur, wild pear liqueur, quince vodka, crab apple whisky, gorse flower rum, alexanders gin liqueur and beech leaf gin liqueur.

If you’re interested in organising a wild infusion/cocktail tasting and making session, or in stocking small quantities of wild alcoholic infusions, email me on or via the contact form.

Wild Feast Catering 

Wild Feast undertakes small scale catering for events with distinctly different and delectable ideas such as wild canapes, cakes and pastries, sloe mulled wine, wild botanical cocktails, elderflower champagne and hand-made botanical wedding chocolates.


Pictured: Smoked local mackerel crostini with horseradish cream, wild mustard and wintercress.

To discuss a catering possibility or commission, call me on 07909 508156, or email me on or via the contact form.

Original Wild Food Recipes

If you’re interested in publishing my original wild food recipes, or you would like to discuss recipe development, I’d be delighted to hear from you.